Each book in the series “A Beagle Named Carol” an Irish dog tale, tells the true story of her rescue and transformation into a free and happy dog. Written in prose and beautifully illustrated to reflect the landscape and feel of the countryside Carol was born in. 

The young reader is greeted in every book with a map of the Republic of Ireland and the location of her rescue. Throughout the pages there are symbols and landmarks of the culture itself. It should be noted that Carol’s story is one of many. The Beagle Freedom Project has been steadfast in bringing awareness of the scientific testing of beagles and finding forever homes for these innocent creatures. So many rescues across the US and other countries should be applauded and supported for their tireless work and compassion. I am one person using my creative background in the arts as a communication for one beagle which is a story that represents many. 

I hope you find joy and inspiration and share “A Beagle Named Carol” with those you love.