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The story of Dolly Llama Books is a blend of lyrical text and vibrant illustrations to inspire and encourage readers of all ages. The happiness of these books is to be shared universally – in schools, libraries, personal collections, animal rescues, shelters, and all places where everyday heroes are celebrated and needed. As Carol changes lives and the world around her, she also infuses joy from her nose to her tail, with more adventures yet to come!

A Beagle Named Carol | An Irish Dog Tale | Dolly Llama Books

A Beagle Named Carol

A Beagle Named Carol is the first in the Dolly Llama book series. Based on a true and heartwarming beagle rescue. The story is set in the midlands of the Republic of Ireland. Carol has no idea what will become of her life until a kind man, who needs a bit of rescuing himself. shows up to give her a place to call home.

Carol Takes Nice | An Irish Dog Tale | Dolly Llama Books

Carol Takes Nice

Carol Takes Nice is the second book and the continuation of A Beagle Named Carol series. Learning to “take nice” is something this rescue dog Carol needs to practice. This book is playful and fun, as the young reader follows Carol through the Irish neighborhood searching for treats, with a special someone at the end to make her day complete!

Carol Meets Farmer Tom | An Irish Dog Tale | Dolly Llama Books

Carol Meets Farmer Tom

Carol Meets Farmer Tom is the third book in the A Beagle Named Carol series. Carol has embraced the beagle life after her rescue, but gets into a bit of trouble when she starts chasing cows at the farm next door. Even though “a beagle’s gonna beagle,” Carol must learn to temper her urge to chase the animals on Farmer Tom’s property. Through this stern but kind farmer, Carol learns to hold back and listen.