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Cathy Schenkelberg

Author Cathy Schenkelberg was inspired to create A Beagle Named Carol during her travels to the Republic of Ireland. Knowing animal testing labs existed, spanning the United States and overseas, Cathy became impassioned about telling the stories of Carol, her rescue – an outcome Schenkelberg wishes for all testing facility animals – and her post-rescue life in freedom. Cathy has captured in these stories the progress of Carol nestled in the beautiful Irish landscape. All of which are reflected in the colorful illustrations by artist and illustrator Peter Bex.

Set in the midlands of the Republic of Ireland, this story is based on a true and heartwarming beagle rescue.

Cathy Schenkelberg, Children's Book Author

Enjoy the beauty of a true story that will fill your child’s heart as much as yours

Carol melts hearts with her big, brown eyes!

Carol’s loving nature and endless curiosity will steal the hearts of readers and encourage a sense of wonder!

Paint Carol's pawnails!

When Carol isn’t outside exploring the world around her she enjoys painting her pawnails purple!

Cheecky Carol chases the cows!

Running and playing outside is Carol’s favorite pastime! Not so much for the cows!

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Watch and listen to children’s book author Cathy Schenkelberg with her beagle, Dolly, share the inspiration and creation behind these fun-filled, furry adventures!

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Cathy Schenkelberg is storyteller, writer, performer, blogger and full time van lifer traveling and exploring the world with her beagle Dolly.

Dolly dances for treats with Cathy!
Wherever Cathy is, so is Dolly!

Cathy Schenkelberg the Performer

Cathy Schenkelberg is a Nebraska native and Chicago/LA-based award-winning actress, singer, and voiceover talent.  Her vast work and success in theatre, voiceover, and on-camera can be viewed at CathySchenkelberg.com

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